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"Our location for four days was derelict flour plant-- overrun with rats and vagrants. Our shooting technique was primarily stop frame animation-- slowing our workflow 10 to 20-fold. Topping that was Brittany's "humiliation" costume-- seemingly as little as a couple of adhesive strips. Despite the heat, stench, filth, long hours and hard work, Brittany was a creative professional and trooper throughout. The piece was a hit. I was proud to have her on set. She's in it for the long run."

           -Paul Matthaeus

(Sex and the City, Dexter, True Blood, Nip Tuck, The Simple Life, Six Feet Under, Ghost Whisperer)

"Brittany was my first choice to play the lead in an Independent feature film I wrote and Directed called, "Hanging Rock", unfortunately due to tax credit considerations a casting compromise had to be made, and I was forced to go another route. A testament to Brittany's grace and class saw her accept my subsequent, and relatively paltry offer to come and play a very small, but crucial role, as our heroine's best friend. Brittany immediately said "yes", and was excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity.

I will be forever grateful to Brittany for the gracious way she treated me, and how she handled what must have been a great disappointment for her without even missing a beat.

I know Brittany will make a Casting Director look very good if they put her forward for any potential roles, and feel it is only a matter of time before she begins to secure those roles regularly. Brittany is very talented, focused, flexible, professional, creative and she is extremely dedicated to her craft.

Her reputation in the Australian Indie scene is excellent. Brittany will certainly be an asset to any production she is involved with."

-Roger Paul

(Scooby-Doo, The Pink Panther, John Tucker Must Die, Life Or Something Like it, George Of the Jungle, Deadly Little Secrets , The Five People you meet in Heaven)

"I hired Brittany as me for a fashion event on the Gold Coast in 2012. We met that morning of the show and I briefly showed her what I required her to speak about. I was so amazed at how good she was, she elaborated perfectly on the short briefs I wrote, she used her imagination and creativity on the spot as the models were walking out. The way she connected with the audience and drew them into the event was perfect. She is my first preference, pending her availability, to my fashion shows.

Brittany delivers a quality and professional work ethic. Her enthusiasm and talent shines through when she is on the stage. I recommend Brittany for your production, she will not disappoint."

-Zoe Norton

Womens Fashion Designer, Label Zo By Zoe

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Brittany on a major U.S drama series. Brittany was amazing in front of camera and was always able to grasp the subtle nuances of whatever role was given to her and she would give an award winning performance in every scene! Her friendly, cooperative personality on set made her a complete joy to work with and she is always on the top of my list whenever I need a versatile, talented, hard working actor. I highly recommend Brittany for your production and I can assure you that you will be extremely happy with the results you achieve in camera."

-Andrew Conder

(Peter Pan, Fools Gold,  The Shallows, The Ruins, Flipper, Mako Mermaids, Drive Hard) 

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